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Foals – Late Night [Solomun Remix] (Official Audio)

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Oh, I hoped that you were somebody,
Someone I could count,
To pull me to my feet again,
When I was in doubt.

Oh, now Mama, do you hear me
Calling out your name?
Oh, now Mama, do you hear me
Calling out your name?

Calling out your name?

Now I’m the last cowboy in this town.
Empty veins and my plastic, broken crown.
They said I swam the sea, then ran aground,
They said I once was lost, but now I’m truly found.

And I know the place but not the way,
I feel, I feel no shame.
Oh, now Mama, do you hear my fear?
It’s coming after me.

Calling out your name!
Calling out your name!

Stay with me…
Stay with me…

But you threw your heart away.
Oh, I know just what to say
Through the phone cord, it can wait,
We still got time to say.

And I know you ran away.
Oh, I know my feeling, OK.?
But now I’ve found love and the feeling wont go,
Now I found love but the feeling wont go.
I see you walk away.
Feeling okay, now,
Happy now?

Stay with me…
Stay with me…
Stay with me…
Stay with me…


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