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Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman

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Roy Orbison

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Pretty woman,
walkin’ down the street,
Pretty woman,
The kind I like to meet,
Pretty woman,
I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth
No one could look as good as you


Pretty woman,
Won’t you pardon me?
Pretty woman,
I couldn’t help but see,
Pretty woman,
that you look lovely as can be.
Are you lonely just like me?


Pretty woman,
stop awhile.
Pretty woman,
talk awhile
Pretty woman,
give your smile to me.

Pretty woman,
yeah, yeah, yeah
Pretty woman,
look my way
Pretty woman,
say you’ll stay with me

‘Cause I need you,
I’ll treat you right
Come with me baby,
be mine tonight

Pretty woman,
don’t walk on by
Pretty woman,
don’t make me cry
Pretty woman,
don’t walk away,

Hey, O.K.

If that’s the way it must be, O.K.

I guess I’ll go on home. It’s late.
There’ll be tomorrow night, but wait!

What do I see?
Is she walking back to me?
Yeah, she’s walking back to me,
Oh, oh, pretty woman,roy_orbison,pretty_woman.html

Roy Orbison – You Got It

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Everytime I look into your lovely eyes
I see a love that money just can’t buy.

One look from you I drift away
I pray that you are here to stay.

Anything you want you got it
Anything you need you got it
Anything at all you got it, baby

Everytime I hold you I begin to understand
Everything about you tells me I’m your man.

I live my life to be with you
No one can do the things you do.


I’m glad to give my love to you
I know you feel the way I do.

CHORUS 2x,roy_orbison,you_got_it.html

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