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Yesterday I was adapting my pages to other browsers and devices. I create them with a smartphone and I did not even imagine how poor they look on computers. I also added them to the and indexes.

To this I added the ability to switch between the ~ 55 language versions 🎅.

By the way, on the Facebook page of Klaudia Pingot I managed to notice the similarity of her name to Santa Claus. I mentioned that if Santa Claus were a Woman, his name would probably be Klaudia. 🙂

I don’t know another Person like This who would do so much good for Others. She enjoys it and is a champion in Human Relationships.

I added that maybe She is the happiest Woman on Earth. Thanks to Her meditations, She obtained:
1. Inner peace.
2. She derive satisfaction from helping and being a support for others.
Finally, what is most important – She has a very good relationship with everyone.
She is a role model for me.

Buddhist monks mentioned the two above-mentioned points as a recipe for Happiness. However, autopsy and my observations show that successful interpersonal Relationships are the most important condition for being happy. Then you also get inner peace, and when we help and support each other, they work best.

Conversations with the Son give me a lot. I even told Him that when, for example, I help with mathematics, I am not only a support for Him and He is happy that I devote my time to Him, but also I feel needed.

Knowing that you are useful is incredibly important. Such a Child most feels the need to be equal with his Parent. Bartek is most happy that I am interested in His affairs. Conversations are a key element of healthy Relationships.

Hence the following interpretations of my international project. 🙂

1. Intellectual development. 2. Spiritual development. Relaxation, the best meditations, affirmations, good intentions, self-suggestions, music therapy. –

Her videos were my biggest Christmas present. Thanks to Her, I was able to give to Others. Thanks Klaudio!

234 The Affirmations that Klaudia wrote down after Her deep meditations were so beautiful and useful at the same time that I translated Them into ~ 55 languages. I also added mine:

235. I am gradually unblocking myself.

Thanks to Them I started to feel, see and hear more. I get more creative and I have more associations and I understand more. 🙂

I knew beforehand that our good intentions are the most important. I found this slogan on the Internet with Klaudia.

The most important thing is that my previous thoughts are put in order, for example it is crucial that we are the sum of our experiences, impressions and memories. The more I’m reminding myself and the more I remember, the more I become Myself.

The second thing 12R.TV is: 1. Radio. 2. TV. There are 12th muse – Internet and games.

I have cataloged the most useful popular science channels that I have used myself. Lots of useful tidbits – YouTube Essence – and Wikipedia Essence –,, If you have no idea which country to choose, you can roll dice. Same with indexes.

12R I took from my Son’s birthday year – Bartek .
Then came an interpretation similar to Wiki – from Hawaiian it means quickly, quick – and 12 is just – One-two. (Polish: Raz-dwa).

I’ve always been crazy about music and music videos – hence the catalog: . On the basis of the most popular Creators – Top; foreign – and Polish – were created.

More highlights from Wikipedia and YouTube can be found at 12R.TV/Radio, 12R.TV/Television and my other sites linked to❌✅. I Recommend! 🙂👍

Have a nice use!

At the bottom of all websites there are links to It is worth helping, because not only does good come back, but most of all we feel needed, which is priceless. Thanks! 🙂👍

Marcin Ellwart

Antigua and Barbuda

country in the Caribbean

🤔 MeRRy, Happiness, Health: 1. Inner peace. 2. Getting satisfaction from helping and being a support for Others. Relations.❌✅ I wish You, Myself and Others, that at the end of next year each of us could say: “2022 was the best year of my life 🙂👍”. Marcin Ellwart
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