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Moloko – Sing It Back (Official HD Video)

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Bring it back
Sing it back
Bring it back
Sing it back to me

When you are ready, I will surrender
Take me and do as you will
Have what you want, your way’s always the best way

I have succumbed to this passive sensation
Peacefully falling away
I am the zombie your wish will command me
Laugh as I fall to my knees

Bring it back
Sing it back
Bring it back
Sing it back to me

Can I control this empty delusion?
Lost in the fire below
And you come running your eyes will be open

And when you come back, I’ll be as you want me
Only so eager to please
My little song will keep you beside me
Thinking your name as I sing

Bring it back
Sing it back
Bring it back
Sing it back to me

Come, come, come to my sweet melody

No, you can’t help it if you have been tempted
By fruit hanging ripe on the tree
And I feel useless
Don’t care what the truth is
You will be here come the day

Truth do you hear me?
Don’t try to come near me
So tired I sleep through the lie
If you desire to lay here beside me
Come to my sweet melody

Bring it back
Sing it back
Bring it back
Sing it back to me

Sing it back, sing it back, sing it back to me…


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