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Cocteau Twins – Pandora (for Cindy)

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(I’m in love with hers)
Our room, a hot and big and kick and burn our group
Attack our tacky home
(I’m in the lights with him)
I feel I’m cheating when I sing shudder
And can I and mourn and tis an arm for us
(I’m at home in the lance)
I feel I’ve been
(Ferdinand and was sad a lot in her house)
(Falling over hers)
Feed me you’ve pretended if I were you
To fall for her for little Ferdinand fast kettle
(Ferdinand and was sad a lot in her house)
For good for better Fred is dead will flee ill feef
Aloof from waft a coffee effort
(I’m at home in lance)
Falled on yanks
(Ferdinand and was sad a lot in her house)

Forty feet
Forty Franks
Fish fate
Fiss fate
Clean fish
Formidiable (x6)

And it in no one
(And) I’ve looked
And it in no one


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