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Bittersweet Faith

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No worry grows
Everything will work out fine
We’ll hold our back
Wait for another sight
I’ve tasted
Your bittersweet faith
My heart waits for you
I’m taking
A moment to say
Everything I do.. (I do, do, do)
For you

(I do it all for you)

Lay your sweet
Tears have cause my broken dreams
Don’t just be
A word about a badass
You’ll need more than I’ll ever give
I came back to you
I love you
My angel husband
Everything I do.. (I do, do, do)
For you

(I do it all for you)


Oh, we’re moving in the right direction
Word is faith and faith has emerged a shame
Half us was a beauty of perfection
And going on, I want to do is stay

Oh…(I do it all for you)


The Mating Game

127K views · 6 years ago

Dance with me across the ocean floor
Sail away to heaven’s open door
Step right up you’re the next contestant
In this sweet charade
Take a number, wait while I twist your fate

On the mating game
Mating game

Hold me close enough to drink my rose
The devil in my pocket turned to gold
Sorry to warn you, you’re in a daze
Tonight I’ll love you, but tomorrow go away

Step right up who’s the next contestant
In this sweet charade?
Take a number, wait while I tease you sane

On the mating game
Mating game


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